Anyone else noticed - "Down-arrow" to move down course...


Very often, I look for content by highlighting the slide in the left-hand pane, then using my "Down-Arrow" to quickly page through a course from top to bottom.

I have recently found that this just stops working, for no reason after a few slides.

I thought it was where the slide had more than one layer, but that does not seem to be the case.

Does anyone else experience this, or am I a total freak?




...expecting Phil and/or Gerry to make a comment here...  

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Jeff Kortenbosch

Bruce, you are not crazy. I've tried it and you are absolutely right. For some reason the slide pane (for lack of a better name) loses focus and I need to re-click the slide to continue scrolling up and down. It was actually worse when scrolling up...

Good catch, now go report that Bug!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Arun - This thread is a bit dated and was for Storyline 1 as well. Is this the software that you are utilizing? Unfortunately, I do not have an update to provide as we were unable to replicate and as you can see above, Bruce was not able to consistently replicate either. His screencast is the report to the QA Team. We try to prioritize issues based on impact.

If you can help us nail down this issue, I would encourage you to share your .story file, steps, and perhaps screencast here.