Anyone else noticing issues after installing the latest update to Storyline 2?

After installing the latest update (#9) I have noticed when creating triggers that the functionality isn't working properly. For example when working with the slider tool and adding a trigger, it will not allow me to input the value of 1 at the beginning (see the image for the notification). After I hit ok it then places the statement within the list of triggers with a value of zero and I have manually go in, as you see in the second screen shot, to manually change the value to 1.

I've also noticed when trying to create slide triggers sometime it will place them on certain objects instead of on the overall slide.

Anyone else running into issues? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam,

Thanks for reaching out here. I haven't head of those issues, but I'd want to take a look at your file and set up - so perhaps you'll be able to share a copy of it with our Support Engineers here. If it's just since updating to Storyline 2 Update 9, it's also worth looking into the repair steps detailed here. Those will help ensure everything installed correctly. 

Bailey, I'd advise the same in terms of reaching out to our Support engineers and letting us take a look at your file.