Anyone get constant Articulate Storyline Crashing?

Jun 05, 2012

Been working hardcore in Storyline for a week now - all in all it's pretty cool, except the fact that it crashes often when i am pressing the space bar to preview my slides without actually clicking the preview button....if that makes any sense, haha.

It's happened 6 times today.

Maybe we're not really supposed to use that timeline feature? or maybe my project is kinda heavy asset wise

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carrie,

Sorry you've run into such trouble today! Can you tell me if Storyline crashes on it's own when you're creating new slide or only when importing slide? Have you looked that all the files adhere to the guidelines here to prevent corruption? 

Also have you looked at doing the repair of Storyline? It's a good idea if you've recently installed anything on your computer or even did an automatic Windows update. 

Herminia Esqueda

Yes, we got new laptops. We also upgraded to 360. Having said that I did have it crash a couple times in the last week but I didn't lose anything. I just reopened.

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Herminia Esqueda

I didn't submit a support ticket because I haven't had any other issues. I didn't lose anything. It was more like it kicked me out and then let me back in.

Herminia Esqueda / IT System Admin/Community Services Division
Economic Services Administration
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
(C) 509-439-5309/
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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anitha,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing your experience as well. I see that you are working directly with John in a support case, so you're in the right spot!

Hi Herminia,

Thanks for sharing your experience with Anitha. It looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Jason,

So sorry that Storyline crashed on you when trying to cut and paste into Storyline. A couple of questions for you to determine the best next steps:

  • Could I have you provide additional details on what leads up to this crash? Are you copying and pasting between different applications? 
  • Are the steps outlined here being followed when creating projects? 

If this does happen consistently, I would recommend running a repair of Storyline to see if that clears up the issue. If the repair doesn't help, please let us know, and you can always connect with our Support Engineers here for a more tailored solution. 

Anitha Raju

In my case, after analyzing the case for so many days, even the support couldn't find the concrete reason for crashing. I finally changed my laptop and it worked. But until now it crashes at times and I restart my laptop to get it working.

I think this crashing is a bug in Storyline. Because I feel that there is no specific reason for this crashing and the reasons vary between people. 

I strongly recommend that this needs to be considered critical by the Storyline team and worked on as this is not a simple bug. 


Izabell Watness

My storyline often crashes when I am doing different things in storyline. A few examples:

-when I copy and paste slides from another storyline into a new storyline

-when I am updating/changing a trigger

-when I stop working on storyline to look at an email or reply to a teams message

-when I leave my storyline open overnight and opening my computer the next day it wont open

I am sure that I'm missing other examples, but just overall that it happens all the time & very frustrating.

Katie Riggio

Hi Izabell!

Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear that Storyline crashes frequently.

We want to help fix that for you while understanding the cause of the crash better. Please let us know if you can connect with our Support Engineers:


1. We recommend to not leave the Storyline open and unattended for long periods of time. If you leave the application running overnight, it’s possible that a malware scan or disk backup could run because the machine is idle, making your application vulnerable to crashing.

When you're done working with your project file and about to step away, do a final save, close the application, and back up the latest version—just to be safe.

2. If you need to combine projects or reuse slides from another Storyline course, the import feature is perfect for the job. Check out the steps
instructional design

Since updating This is happening to me to. Since the new feature (text styles was introduced the video editor and pasting text both crash SL.  New features are great - and they need to address accessibility properly (reading the criteria would help- a single key (Z) for zoom does not meet the AA criteria). But NOT at the cost of basic functionality. Come on SL employ a tester.

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