Anyone have experience working with their IT Department?


I have an interactive video (made from Storyline) that needs to go on one of my company's websites. No LMS or quizzing. Just informational.

I need to work with my IT Department. What do I say to them? And how do I say it in IT language?

I think I need to upload a folder of Storyline's folder/files to the file system of the website and then link to the index.html file. Is that correct? What else do I need to say?

Thanks very much!


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Christophe Jacobs

Hi Greg,

From experience I find that people working in IT departments are people with patience to help unexperienced users. So don't forget to go into dialogue with them and explain your situation.

1) Show them the published folder of your course (maybe take a screenshot of the contents). They will quickly see that indeed the index.html page is the one they need to provide a link to.

2) Make sure that you specify if your projects needs to be accessible by people outside of your organisation or not. For example, in one of the projects I did, only internal staff members needed access to the project so the IT department uploaded it on the intranet environment. 

3) And specify how large (in MB) your folder is that will need to be uploaded, since this could have an impact. You can do this by right-clicking on the folder with your output and select properties. This will show the size of the folder.

4) If necessary, specify if your project needs a flash plugin to work or not. 

Good luck!

Christie Pollick

Thanks so much for stopping in to assist here, Christophe! And Greg, in case you wanted to check it out, here is also some info on How to Embed Articulate Storyline Content into a Web Page. Hope that helps, and if you find that you or your IT Dept. have additional questions, just say the word and we'll see what more we are able to do to assist! :)