Anyone know how to "reset" an animated gif?

Hi, I created some animated gifs which I then inserted into a slide, but when I preview or publish the course, the gif "starts" at a point other than the beginning. The gifs are linear (moving from one side of the screen to the other), so it does matter where they begin. Is there a way to "reload" the gifs so that they start at the beginning that anyone can think of?


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Jerson  Campos

I had this issue too when I created a game with animated gifs. It seems like the gifs will continue playing along on it's own timeline even if you go to another slide and come back. ex: An animated gif that counts up to 10 seconds,  you can go to a new slide when it reaches 2, come back 5 seconds, and it will say 7. The only way I figured out how to make sure it replayed was converted it to a animated flash file. Its really simple, just import the GIF into flash and it will pull in all the animations in new frames. You have to remove the last frame though. It puts a "double" image on it.

David Klopp

The following javascript is working though I have not tested it thoroughly. I inserted it as a trigger to execute when the timeline starts:

< html >

< head >

< script src="" type="text/javascript"></script >

< script >

$(function() {


    function resetGif() 


        $('.img1').removeAttr('src', '');



< /script >

< /head >

< body >

    < img class="img1" src="drill latest.gif" / >

    < a href="#" class="reset">reset gif</a >

< /body >

< /html >