Anyone turned off HTML5 option?

Jan 30, 2014

Wondering if anyone has decided to not allow courses to be viewed in HTML5 due to browser compatibility issues (I'm running into a lot of Firefox issues that I think are due to the HTML5 option being checked? Thinking perhaps it might help if I didn't have that checked...I don't know really, I'm grasping at straws trying to debug this monster.)

I guess I'm wondering what should I consider in this decision, other than the obvious of whether I want it to be viewed on an iThing. Is there any other reason to publish to HTML5?

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Katie Venit

Can you give me some examples of what goes wonky on browsers when the HTML5 option is turned ON? I'm trying to figure out if that's our issue. 

We are experiencing a lot of instability in desktop Safari, even. Chrome seems fine-ish, depending on whether I view it from tempshare or from the client's server. Just wondering if killing HTML5 could at least cut down on a few of my issues.

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