Anyone with Publishing expertise?

I have a project that I need to submit for evaluation by a client.

It works fine in Preview. Unfortunately, I have tried all the publishing modes and have run into problems with performance and errors in each of the publishing options. (No two modes are performing completely alike, except maybe those involving a flash output)

The project is 12 slides, with lots of audio, total size about 35 mb in the .story state. Mostly objects triggering audio, and vice versa, only two DnD's. Very light on graphics.

If I have to choose one, can anyone suggest which publishing method would offer the lowest risk of performance errors?

Looking for advice or suggestions.

thanks in advance.


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Grayley: Welcome to the forums. My guess is that the default Flash mode would perform the most consistently. Is the course eventually going to live on a LMS or website or? I'd test the project in the environment where it will eventually live.

If you are using Storyline, the link to the flash version of the content is the story.html file (found in the publishing output folder). If Presenter, presentation.html. Hope that helps. --Daniel

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Grayley, this sounds exactly like a course I has having problems with recently. Mine was only 12 slides but each slide had layers that had a lot of audio on them. I only had issues when playing the course in html5 on the iPad. I am not sure which product you are using but in my case, I was using Storyline 1 update 5. Articulate made some major improvements in how they preload audio in update 6 which fixed the problem I was having.