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Becky Lane

I am trying to achieve the same thing (getting a slide layer to loop) and have attempted the method linked to above but it is not working.

I am attaching my file so you can see if there's anything I did wrong. In my file, the way I have set up the base layer to loop and make the blue button "glow". Is how I want to the "button" slide layer to behave. I adjusted the "button" layer properties to hide the layer when the timeline finishes. I also have a trigger on the "button" slide layer that tells it to show the "button" layer when the timeline of the "button" layer finishes.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Tom Kuhlmann

Let's walk through the process.

  • Slide 1: You want to show a layer. So you need a trigger to show layer. 
  • Layer1: The layer appears and you want the layer to disappear at the end of the layer's timeline. Add a trigger to hide layer at end of timeline.
  • Slide1: now you're back to slide 1 and you want to loop it to start over. Add a trigger to jump to the same slide at the end of the slide's timeline.

Here's a screenr that shows it. Also attached the source.

Ernesto Gutierrez

Thank you for your sharing and kindness Mr. Kuhlmann!

I've a question Tom, How would you display layers using Engage? I put together an example using Studio after I watched a video by hamtra who refered @daveperso on hyperlinking hidden slides. All I had to do was to redirect the content using this sentence:

"asfunction;_level44.playSlide, slide number you want"

It works perfectly in Studio. I want to complicate my life more! So I'm designing a demo in Storyline. I want to include the same Engage and show layers or slides, whichever way that works, to give learners additional insights on the topic "Violence in Mexico and Human Rights".

Now, I've tried to use the code inside an embedded Engage in Storyline to redirect it to the layers or slides. It doesn't work...I thought that: "asfunction;_level44.playSlide, layer number I want" or "asfunction;_level44.playLayer, slide layer you want". No, that didn't work either. I attach my outcome here.

Many thanks indeed Tom!

Ernesto Gutiérrez

Stephan Sinka


Slide 1 can trigger anyone of three layers

Layer 1 has a "slide show' of images spread over the timeline

Layer 2, & 3  has different content.

I want Participants to be able REPLAY layer1 while on the layer at anytime during the timeline

IF I add a button to layer1 that triggers "show layer 1" nothing happens despite following the settings Peter Anderson shared ( at top of this post).

What am I missing? Can a layer be triggered to re-played without leaving the layer or using/adding a seekbar?

Barend Maaskant

Another way to repeat a layer, without restarting the slide (Storyline 2):

- start with a slide, call it anything. f.i. 'SLIDE'.

- add to 'SLIDE' a layer you want to be repeated, f.i. layer 'ENDLESS'

- define a true/false variable, f.i. 'rep_1'

- define a trigger on 'SLIDE': show layer 'ENDLESS' when the timeline of 'SLIDE' starts

- define a trigger on 'SLIDE': show layer 'ENDLESS' when the timeline of 'SLIDE' starts

- define a trigger on 'ENDLESS': hide this layer when the timeline ends

- define a trigger on 'ENDLESS': Toggle variable rep_1 when the timeline starts (*) (**)

(*) this trigger must be below the other trigger on layer 'ENDLESS'. First hide the layer, then change the variable.

(**) how to enter 'toggle variable': Adjust variable / rep_1 / = NOT Assignment / Timeline ends / LAN4


Stephen Taylor

What I have done to create a replay button for animation on a layer - which seems to work, although I am fairly new to Storyline - is add a button to the layer which hides and then shows the same layer again. I have changed the settings to the layer to reset to initial set  on revisiting.

So far, that seems to do the trick for me!