Anyway to see/report which slides have not been viewed in AO?

I have uploaded a course in Articulate Online that has quite a few (135 slides).  This course is more to demonstrate our software product and provides a "Labs" scene to allow users to try it themselves.  This is not mandatory, just a reference and learning tool.

One of our learners has completed 134/135, and really wants to know which slide they are missing to achieve 100% completion vs. 99%.  I hope that they aren't missing the slide because of the way we have developed the course, and that its just a slide they have skipped over, but I don't know if I can pinpoint which slide has not been viewed. 

Any suggestions?  If not, how would you suggest to show course completion for a training tool like this?  We are not tracking test scores or anything.  I truly appreciate any feedback!  Thanks Heroes!

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Kristen,

Not sure what type of account you have on Articulate Online, but if you publish your course out as TinCan you'll be able to see each slide being completed. To test it, publish your course out to to TinCan and then upload it to SCORM Cloud (LMS test engine). You'll be able to see "Kristen completed Slide 1", "Kristen completed Slide 2", etc.

Should work on SCORM Cloud but you'll have to check to see if  your AO account supports TinCan. If so, you're golden!