API data from quizzes and LMS progression

We are looking into storyline and the use of a WP LMS such as Learndash. 

My question is:

Is there an WP based LMS that can use the API data from storyline based quizzes and allow or disallow progression to the following lesson?  I have spend several hours reading both learndash/Litmos/stotyline forums and have not been able to find a conclusion.   Before I buy the products I need to make sure this can be done.

Our goal for our users to open an LMS lesson,  inside that lesson we will have a storyline presentation with an embedded quiz.  The results from the quiz (the API data) allows progression in the LMS, nothing else.

Thank you for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sven and welcome to Heroes!

This would be handled on the LMS side of things, that once a course is set to complete you're able to open the next course in a series or that's available to a user. You may need to adjust how you report the completion to your LMS, but there are some suggestions and troubleshooting tips for tracking completion in this blog post. 

sven  seco


The Blog post you suggested was very helpful and we will have to look on how we want to set our reporting status carefully in our lessons.  I also contacted Learndash and this was their respond.

Justin wrote:

Hi Sven-

We are working with NSS (creators of grassblade) in the effort to create an LRS that is both tied to LearnDash progression, and shows some basic back-end tin can reporting. They are driving this endeavor so I cannot give an estimated release on their behalf, but last we spoke they were in some alpha testing with a few select users.

So, it looks like they are working on what I would need.


Pankaj Agrawal


I know that you are already aware and using it, but this is for anyone else who reaches this post. 

You can use LearnDash with GrassBlade xAPI Companion and GrassBlade Learning Record Store for full completion tracking and lesson progression as well as scores integration with LearnDash.