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ashraf Akbar

Hi Alena

You can do it by following two steps

1. Create a variable and add a trigger on that variable i.e add value 1 when user click on a shape or specific place

2. Insert that object that you want to show after two or more wrong clicks. Initially, keep that object hidden and add another trigger on that object i.e change the state of object to normal when the variable changes (if the variable is equal to 2). 

I made a quick version (see the attached file).

Let me know if it works 

good luck !

Ron Price

If you have played around in the tool a little, then you might consider this option.  I might be easiest if you are BRAND NEW to Storyline.

Any time you are wanting to count how many times something happens, you may want to consider using a Number Variable.  You can use triggers to adjust the variable by adding one each time you "click outside" your correct object.  Then you use another trigger to show a layer or change a state "when variable changes" under the condition that it equals 2.

This link can help you get started in Variables - https://community.articulate.com/articles/working-with-variables

Easier: If you use a quiz question or convert your slide to a question, "number of attempts" is a built in feature.