Apple iOS 8 Update: What You Need to Know

Sep 26, 2014

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to let you know that Apple has changed how its web browser, Safari, handles video in iOS 8.

As a result, your Storyline 2 video content may not perform as expected if learners access it from an iPad with iOS 8.

We’re updating Storyline 2 to address Apple’s new code and will release an update imminently.

We’ll keep you posted!

Brian Gil

Head of Product Operations

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David Fair

If you’re interested in the technical aspect of this, here’s what’s happening:

When the video node src parameter is changed in iOS 7, the readyState changes from 0 (HAVE_NOTHING) to 4 (HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA), triggering the canplay event.

However, when the video node src parameter is changed in iOS 8, the readyState changes from 0 (HAVE_NOTHING) to 1 (HAVE_METADATA), and the canplay event isn’t triggered.

This code change means video content may not play when viewed in iOS 8.

David Fair


Sounds like you guys know the source of the issue and can hopefully resolve it soon. I have a big project all done in S2 and it was working great until the IOS change. As I've said before, until this issue came up, HTML5 and video was working much better in S2 than in S1. Unfortunately that's changed now and time is a factor.  Crossing my fingers this update/fix comes soon so i can get some sleep.

I guess a lesson learned is not to release any major software right before an IOS change.  

Brian Gil

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that Storyline 2 Update 1 is now available, and it addresses the iOS 8 issue.

After you’ve installed the latest version of Storyline 2, please republish your Storyline 2 courses so that you don’t have any video playback issues in iOS 8.

For more information on this release, check out the release notes.


Brian Gil

Head of Product Operations

Jenise Cook (

And, on October 24th, an update for SL 1 came out, addressing the iOS 8 issues.

I just "ran" the downloaded Update for my SL 1, and then tested a module I uploaded last night to Dropbox (when/where I discovered that my new iPad Air 2 can't play any of my "Public" Storyline modules).

AMP still won't load and play my *story file created last night, so I'm going to send it to Support today for their tech insight.

I am an Apple FanGrrrl, however, I "fear" iOS 8 and Safari on iPhones and iPads won't play any of the SL 1 nor Studio work samples I've uploaded to my Web site the past 2 years, and I "fear" I'll have to republish each one to update my online Portfolio.

Yea, I know, but I still "love" my Apple devices and my Mac.

No relationship is perfect. LOL :-)


Kate Jurd

Hi Brian

I havent really had any issues with storyline 2 on my ipad, which is good.  However i am planning an upgrade to the ipad air 2. My current articulate library holds 37 resources some of which are conference presentations and others are examples of education resources.  Which I also use as demos when i present. Is there anyway of transferring these to the new ipad without having to republish and download again?

thanks Kate

Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Ann.

The specific issue that Brian outlined above (Videos Won't Play in HTML5 Content in iOS 8) was corrected when we released Update 1 for Storyline 2 on 10/03/2014 (we're now on Update 2 of Storyline 2).

If you have a different problem related to iOS 8, it might be best to create a new Forum Thread, or submit a Support Case for more focused help.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

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