Apply Master Slide to Screen Recording?

Jul 13, 2012


Probably real simple, but I can't figure this out.  I have a Master Slide (has my background, Main Menu button, Quit button).  I want to apply this to my scene which has a screen recording.  When I apply that layout to my screen recording slides, it won't take.

I want to be able to have my background default and buttons (I am not using the default player, built my own controls) applied to the slides where I have a screen recording.

Can this be done?  Any help appreciated!  Thanks.

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Gerry Wasiluk


How are you applying the layout to the slide in question?

If you have a slide with your video on it, can you hide the video from the timeline--and then right-click on your slide and in the context menu that comes up, can you then apply the layout that you need?

If you can, after applying the desired layout, then un-hide your video on the timeline.

Jeff Forrer

HI.  Thanks again for replying.  So this is a screen recording which put 8 slides in my scene. (I added a new slide, selected Screen Recording, and recorded a small task.)  These slides have layers which are "Screen Recording Actions" or a Screencast as it put on the timline.  I hide it but it does not hide from the screen when i hide that layer on the timeline.  Anyway if I set the layout with my buttons in it to the slide itself or right-click on the content of the slide, the layout still does not take.

Does that help/make sense?  Thanks again for any help!

Jeff Forrer

In a nutshell.  I did a screen recording, and I just want to add my own controls to that slide.  I have removed the default player and it's controls.  We have added our own Main Menu, buttons to navigate to different scenes from that Main Menu slide.  When I click a button from my Main Menu to go to the scene with my screen recording, I want to be able to go back to the Main Menu or quit from that scene.  That scene which is my screen recording, does not allow me to add buttons to go back to the Main Menu.  I can add those manually, but it takes a response as incorrect when I click the Main Menu button which I have added to the screen recording slide.  Confused yet? :0)

Jeff Forrer

Sure.  So if you look at slide 2.1, I applied a layout of Articulate Theme - Question.  That layout has my Main Menu button in it.  But when you look at the slide, that Main Menu button does not get applied when using that layout.  I am not sure why.  I am thinking that the template does get applied, it is just that the Main Menu button is under the screen recording?  I am not sure.

One alternate for me is to add a Main Menu button to every slide.  I did that in the 4.1 slide, where I added the Main Menu button as a layer on that slide.  Just was hoping I could apply via a 'Layout' so I don't have to add it to every screen.


Jill McNair

@ Gerry - you just saved me countless hours with your advice to hide the background graphics!  Is there another level above Super Hero that we can promote you to?  

@ JP - to get some space around your screen recording, increase the story on the "Design" menu, then select the "Story Size" button on the left.  Select the "Fill Background" option, then select where you want Storyline to place your screen recording under the "Story Position" menu.

One issue to be aware of (if using "Test Mode" - not sure about the others) is that Storyline is still going to see the space you've added as part of the screen recording for that page - meaning that if you place a button on the slide and click it, the user will get a "Try Again" message because it thinks that you are answering the question.  To work around this, remove the freeform (Insert Tab>Remove Freeform).  This removes the Correct/Incorrect/Try Again layers, so you no longer have a test question.  What that means is that you will have to create any scoring you need manually with variables.  

Hope this helps!  


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Glad I saw this thread. Learned a LOT. So, is the upshot that hide backgrounds is checked by default for slides that use a master's layout?

Jill, I think I remember reading that Story Size Changes need to be made before adding elements? Or is that not the case in this case? Or, to paraphrase what Gerry said above, have I forgotten what I learned and am remembering it incorrectly? - or something like that.

Jill McNair

Yes, Rebecca - it is ideal to set your story size first, but I guess screen recordings can be a limited exception to this rule.  If you want to "buy" some space around your videos - start with the screen recording in place.  This works because Storyline will not change the aspect ratio of the videos (i.e. 4:3 will stay 4:3).  

So for example, if you recorded a video at a 4:3 aspect ratio, say 600 x 800, and you want a 20 pixel border all the way around it.  Start with your 600 x 800 file with the screen recordings in it.  Go in and change the story size to 640 x 840.  Select the Fill Background option, and a Story Position of Middle Center.   

On the project I'm working on, I actually changed the 4:3 aspect ratio of my story to a 16:9 aspect ratio because I wanted a "dashboard" on the left.  I chose a Story Position of bottom right.  This bought me a 900 x 400 pixel "dashboard" on the left.  The screens were recorded at 1200 x 900.  My new story size is 1600 x 900.

This project has been so complicated!  If I get the chance, I'll make some Screenrs when this is all done to show people how I got this to work.

Hope that helps!


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