Apply Master Slide to Screen Recording?


Probably real simple, but I can't figure this out.  I have a Master Slide (has my background, Main Menu button, Quit button).  I want to apply this to my scene which has a screen recording.  When I apply that layout to my screen recording slides, it won't take.

I want to be able to have my background default and buttons (I am not using the default player, built my own controls) applied to the slides where I have a screen recording.

Can this be done?  Any help appreciated!  Thanks.

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Jennifer Hames

Does anyone know why I wouldn't have the options shown above in story size...I am desperate to get my slide master elements to appear on the "try it" slides and cannot figure out how to resize those types of slides. It's as if the screenrecording is "fused" to the background. Thanks in advance for any advice and guidence.

Jennifer Hames

Yes, thanks for checking, I have tried everything the dialog box allows me - I chose a preset value and I do get the crop or resize option - but that would adjust the whole thing (not the canvas) and I don't want that.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jennifer! Looks like you may be responding via e-mail which is not allowing your attachments to come through, but is attaching your signature. Please pop into the forums to utilize the 'Add Attachment' feature in your reply and you are welcome to edit your previous response to remove your signature if needed as well.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer, 

When you conduct a screen recording and insert it using "step by step" slides it does become a part of the background of the slide and you can't adjust it's overall size. If you need additional space around the screen recording you'll either want to adjust the screen recording size prior to recording to be smaller than the story size, or after you've done the recording, adjust the story size to be larger than the original size. You won't be able to adjust the location on the screen of the screen recording, so you may want to play with the sizing to get it just right.