Apply player (?)

I have an open project with several scenes all using the same player.

I imported a new slide from PPT. 

How can I get the newly imported slide to use the player that all my other scenes and slides are using?

(The logical action: opening the player and being sure the correct player is selected, does not update the player to show the customized Menu Tab. The Menu shows only the name of the slide, not the Menu shown by all the other slides in the project.)

Is this a function of the scenes not yet being linked together or integrated in some way I do not understand?



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Jill McNair

Hi Yvette,

Welcome to the forums!  Have you tried looking at the Slide Properties for the imported slide?  If you have created a custom player, Storyline may not automatically assign it to this slide (depending on how you imported it).  If you click the gear icon on the right of the slide layer, you will see a drop down that lists the available "players."  This is where you can change it to match your custom player.

Hope this helps!