Apply text shape formatting to all states of quiz question responses

Jul 24, 2020

Based on the amount of time I have to go into each question checkbox and radio button response to correct the "text" alignment margins and spacing, there ought to be a way to apply that change to all states in that response item.  

Am I missing out on an efficient approach or can this be addressed as a feature request?

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Dave Cox

Hi Robert,

I wish there was a better way. I've asked for that too. I really wish Storyline would introduce paragraph and character styles. 

You can use the format painter to copy the format from one checkbox or radio button to another. It took me awhile to figure out, but to get the format painer to work, don't select the actual text, but the text box itself. Then you can copy and paint the text format from one to another, and your margin settings will follow.

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