Apply theme font not working

Storyline 2 - Update 10 1067.1221

Hi all... not sure if I am misunderstanding how this works but this is my process..

  • I have created and saved a theme with custom colors and fonts
  • I have edited all the master slides (not added any yet) to show the correct font
  • When I add a slide into my project the Header font reverts to Arial Black

Even if I go to the Fonts button in the Design tab and right click on the font to select 'Apply to All Slides' I get no change at all... 

Am I doing something wrong?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Simon!

The first thing I would recommend is updating your version of Storyline 2 to Update 11, released in October. 

If the Theme Font issue still persists after you update, would you mind sharing your file so I can test it on my end? You can use the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window. 

Phil Mayor

If you have already changed the font in a text box or shape after creating it then changing the theme will not change these objects. This is by design as it expected you want this to be different to your theme.

Also if the object is on a layer then you need to change the theme on the feedback amaster as well.



Simon Bertoli

Thanks Alyssa and Phil

Alyssa I am working through a company firewall so I will inquire about updating (I assumed it would happen automatically)

Phil I have not changed anything on the slide adfter adding a master slide... it automatically comes in with the wrong front

Edit - In the Slide Master Tab I select Insert Layout and the new fonts are applied, they also stand when I add to a scene so this now makes sense... I would have thought selecting 'Apply to all slides' would change the fonts in the Slide Master section but I guess not