Applying content library template to quiz questions

Hi. I have imported multiple choice questions from a file into my project.  I would like to apply a content library template to these questions but I am finding if difficult.  I suspect that I might need to create the 15 new slides using the template I  want to use and manually copy in the details.  It would be do able but time consuming.   Grateful for any help.  Also it would be good to be able to make formatting changes in one place rather than having to update questions individually.  Thanks!  

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Stephanie!

Take a look at this quick video tutorial I recorded using Peek that explains how to apply a Content Library question template to your quiz questions slides. You actually don't need to create 15 new slides, since you can apply the template layout to the slides you already created. Take a look at the video, and give it a try. Let me know how it goes!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Thomas,

You can import your questions into Storyline using an Excel spreadsheet, a text file, another Storyline project, or even from Quizmaker. You can check out those instructions in our documentation here.

As Alyssa shared in her demo above, you can then use the Content Library Templates and apply those layouts.