Applying Correct / incorrect / Try again layout changes

Hello all,

I have gone into my feedback masters and increased the text boxes and text frames to allow for more custom feedback.  My problem is that I seem to have to go to every slide, every layer to apply the layout changes.


Is there a way to apply them globally?


thanks for all your help.

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Brian Dennis

Three things come to mind:

1. Are you modifying the masters actually controlling things? Hovering over slide master should give you a count... I've altered more of my unused masters over the years

2. I don't remember how I learned, but default text box inherit from the last text box, so you might try constructing new one to save yourself re-formatting.

3. Using Text Placeholders, or Insert > Textbox?


Ari Avivi

Brian, thanks for the feedback.

1.  I wondered about that so I double checked and yes they are all being used

2. I have already built the slides, the last 7 were with the new template so that worked for those, but rather have a single step to fix the first 8

3. I'm actually modifying the built in feedback masters.  and the changes i've made just aren't passing through until i physically to each layer and apply the layout.

please keep the ideas coming folks.