Applying themes not 100% successful

Sep 05, 2014


I've spent a lot of time getting my head around this (much of what I've learned has come from this forum so thanks to everyone who's contributed!). I'm trying to build a template for our courses as we're aware that we'll have to build dozens of these in the future, and they may need rebranding or even translating, so I'm trying to get on top of that now.

I've worked out the best way to be able to apply a theme is to have one template with a master slide version of each slide type, and then build the content with the appropriate theme colours so that they can be changed quickly.

The one thing I've struggled with however is the multiple choice questions. The individual answers are very difficult to apply theme colours to which change when you change the colour set.

I've attached my template and theme (I hope the colour set is embedded with it), and if you try and change the colour set on the one question within the Question bank attached to slide 2.2, the answers won't change colour, no matter what I do.

I found that adding if I added extra answers (4 & 5), they would be able to be changed with the theme colours. However, when animating the answers to fade in, these extra answers would be out of sync, even when the whole Multiple Choice object is set to fade in together. So, everything I can think of has been exhausted, even creating a question slide from scratch didn't work.

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James Rowe

I made it twice more before finally getting it to work, just the way I build it from scratch I guess. Provided I apply the themes I want from my question slides from the beginning, there's no issues. Though, if I'm adding further answers to the multiple choice, the timing still goes off. Which is a bit strange. If I get time, I'll record the screen and upload it here. 

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