Apps Creation Through Storyline

Feb 03, 2014

HI  all is it possible to convert the storyline build into android App?

I need to create an app and work fine in android and  I need below points to be work in the app

 Will the Articulate Storyline project look exactly the same as it does with the Articulate app if place in mLearning sync ?

·         Will the content work offline ?

·         Will all answers be captured offline?

·         Will all answers be transmitted to serve when device is online?

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Michael Hinze

As Phil mentioned, there are options to convert Storyline's HTML5 output into apps, including for Android. I have used PhoneGap Build ( to convert a published Storyline project into an Android app. For a brief description of the process, see here: While technically the conversion worked, there were (not surprisingly) no improvements in performance or usability, compared to browser-based HTML5 on my test devices. 

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