Arabic Closed captions are not showing correctly

Dear All

I'm working on Arabic project, everything seems OK except for the Closed captions which are in Arabic languages. I faced many problems:

1- My client can't see the text correctly although it shows correctly at my side

Here is how I see the course in Chrome & IE

how the text shows at my side

and this is how it looks at the client side

how the text shows at client side

Is there is any solution for this problem, I asked him to insert the Arabic language on his system and the keyboard, but nothing changed.

Any ideas?

thank in advance for any quick help as it is top urgent.

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Lamiaa Mostafaa

Hi Ashely

We tried everything and my client is very desperate as without these CC the course will lose its point, Please guide me to whatever possible to solve the problem.

At my side I can view all the HTML files but the story,swf appears the same as the client. While the client can't view any of the files in the correct view.

Here is a link for the course

Waiting for your valuable input

Best Regards,
Lamiaa Mostafaa| Desktop Publishing Team Leader


Alyssa Gomez

Thank you, Lamiaa.

It sounds like you and your client may be viewing the published output files locally. That's known to lead to problems that could cause your course to fail, so instead I would recommend testing the output in a LMS environment.

I hosted your content on SCORM Cloud here. Could you and your client both test that link and let me know if you see the correct closed captions there?