Arabic text problem

When using option (use modern text )  in the design tab -> fonts.

the last couple of words in the text has transferred to the beginning of the text.

I have to use this option as the text spacing in firefox and edge is corrupted.

any ideas 

after the options the last 2 words moved to the beginning


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mai,

I know our team was looking into a similar situation where the text was not displaying correctly in IE or Edge, but you mentioned also having trouble in Firefox? How does this course behave without modern text?

If you could share a copy of your .story file (or even a handful of slides) with our Support Team that'll help us confirm if it's the same issue or work to find another solution for you. 

Let me know if you're able to share, and I'll follow along! 

Mai Abdelsalam

I attached a picture of how the text behaves without modern text.

the problem with text also appears in firefox not just Edge

if you notice there is a huge problem with spacing.

when using modern text any  spaces or numbers completely flips the words where before the space character becomes at the and instead of the beginning and vice versa.

Another problem with modern text is the bulleting, it's on the left regardless of the right align.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks, Mai for that image. I saw you were also working on this in your case with Jose, and he confirmed the behavior and shared it with our team as a possible bug. 

We'll keep you posted here on the issue and within your case. Thanks for adding those example files as they'll help the team as they investigate! 

Mai Abdelsalam

If you have another file that works fine when the modern text option is disabled try to import everything to that file and don't delete any of the old slides until you publish.

If after the publish the text is ok then delete some slides or scenes but not everything.

always leave a scene from the old working file. it may work that what happened with me.