Are animations possible with a play button?

Hi all,

I'm using markers for my play/pause/stop buttons instead of the audio just playing from the start.

I need to set up my animations with the audio but I can no longer do so because it is not timed (because you are now pressing play whenever you would like).

I have it set to where when you press the play button an image pops up but then I can no longer add any animations behind that or time it. I know this might be confusing. Hope this explains it.

Or is there a way to stop the animation from starting until you hit play?


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Meryem M

If you put your audio on a layer, you can use your Play button to show the layer. Then add your animations to the layer synchronized with the audio.


Start your slide on a layer with the play button on the layer. Set the layer options to stop the timeline of the base layer. Then use the Play button to hide the layer, thus starting the audio and animations on the base layer.