Are hotspots compatible with xAPI?


Looking at the LRS viewer I realized hotspot questions in our assessment modules were always incorrectly answered. Making more tests it appears that wherever I click on the picture, the choice captured will be always "choice_incorrect". New to Storyline 360 and xAPI there is probably something we're doing wrong. Any hints on how to get hotspots right? Also is there a way to enlarge the picture to draw the freeform hotspots?

While I'm posting, I noticed something that could be very annoying for our production team and explains why sometimes we had questions not counted in the results in the modules delivered by our supplier. It seems that after each publication some questions are randomly excluded from slide results. We can give the instruction to always check and re-tick relevant questions before each publication but not only it is a loss of time but the risks to miss questions are high. Is there a way to lock questions to be included in the slide results?

Thanks in advance!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rémi,

Thanks for your post! I'm happy to answer your questions.

You can zoom in on the slide to have a clearer view of your slide background and draw hotspots more precisely. Simply click and drag the zoom slider in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Questions should not be randomly excluded from quiz results slides each time you publish your file. Do you have more than one results slide in the course? What version of Storyline are you using?

Rémi Cotrait

Hi Alyssa!

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately I don't see the slider in the form view of my hotspot slides where I can draw the freeform areas. Any other way to do it?

I'm using Articulate 360 and there are 2 to 3 intermediate result slides before the final result slide that displays the interemediate results and submits the total score. In the meantime my e-learning supplier told me it was a known bug and that they had to recheck all question selections before each publication. Do you know about it? Will there be a fix?

Are you going to answer me later for the hotspot slides in xAPI? If it's not compatible we will rebuild them with another question type.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Remi,

That slider is in Slide View only for a question slide, as the Form View is specific to entering the question text and answers, but not how it'll appear on the slide. 

I'm not clear on your intermediate results slide and final slide setup, but if your E-Learning supplier could share more information about where this was documented or shared with them, that will help track it down! Perhaps they say this in another forum discussion or they were working in a Support case?

I haven't heard of any issues with hotspots interactions and them not being compatible with a course published for Tin Can API. Is it a scored question you're using? Are you not seeing the interaction data passed? 

Rémi Cotrait

Hi Ashley,

Unfortunately, that's in the Form View you have to draw freeform hotspot areas. It looks like a stamp on my screen, impossible to draw with precision.

I can clear a short assessment from internal content and share it with you for analysis regarding questions getting unticked randomly from the results slide. My supplier just added in their process to check everything before any publication. We do the same now but it's a loss of time and a risk of mistake.

Our assessment campaign being urgent and our new LMS ExpertusOne unable to collect SCORM interactions, we had no choice but convert rapidly to Tin Can API and their LRS even though I had heard about issues with Storyline modules. In the end:

- Hotspot questions had to be replaced since wherever you click on the image, the right or the wrong area, the response in the LRS is "incorrect" as if you were clicking outside of the areas. Same happens on both our LMS and Scormcloud.

- Analyzing reports from the LRS I noticed today a new issue we're trying to understand. We use a lot of Text Entry questions with several acceptable answers. For some reasons, only one of those acceptable answers is considered right by the LRS, the last one in the list. Many users entered an acceptable answer but got "answered incorrectly". This one only occurs on our LMS but not on Scormcloud.

I would very grateful if you could run your own test for the hotspots on a platform like Scormcloud.

Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Remi,

You can actually draw hotspots in the Slide view, and include them in your Quiz question. Take a look at this quick Peek on how I did it. 

For the hotspots that are being marked as incorrect, I know there is an issue where if the browser is zoomed in, that it will mark as incorrect no matter where the user clicks. Does that sound like your set up? If so, our team is investigating and I'll let you know here as soon as we have an update on that! 

For the text entry - are you using Fill in the Blank questions or your own Text entry with a custom set of answers? Since it's working on SCORM Cloud, it may be that your LRS can only accept/read one possible correct answer. Have you checked with the LRS team for recommendations on that. 

I'm happy to test a hotspot in SCORM Cloud, and wanted to confirm the issue you're seeing and your set up:

  • Publishing with Update 16 of Storyline 360, and to Tin Can API
  • Using a hotspot question, tracked by a results slide
  • That you don't see the users answer/score for that question passed to your LMS?

If you have a short file with a hotspot question you could share, that would help to compare your setup to one of my own too. Let me know and I can dig in from there. 

Rémi Cotrait

Thanks Ashley for the Peek!

I'll double check for the zoom in but i doubt it since many users tried with the same results.

I was referring to Text Entry with a custom set of answers. I supposed the LRS was collecting everything but after some more test I also came to the same conclusion that only the last acceptable answer was considered. I'll wait for the LMS team feedback hoping it's not too much to fix.

Where can I send you the files and parameters? I'll do it tomorrow.

Thank you very much for the support. I'd be very glad if we can find a way to continue using what was working well in SCORM until we changed LMS :)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Remi, 

For the text entry, I'll have to defer to the LMS - it sounds like they're only able to validate against that last piece of text. Were you using something like Javascript to evaluate it, or do they have a feature in the LMS? If it's Javascript you can always share that in the community and some of our experts may be able to weigh in.

If you wanted to share a file here publicly in ELH you can upload using the Add Attachment button, and if you need to share privately, upload it to me here. I'll take a look as soon as I receive it and then can share updates with you via email.