Are lightbox slides no longer working as intended?

Feb 27, 2018

I just published a course to as HTML5 only. One of my slides uses lightbox to overlay another slide. But when I view it in Chrome or Edge, it looks all out of whack, as if it is zoomed entirely too much. 

I found out that if I zoom the browser (with ctrl + mouse wheel up) to about 150% it renders as I expect.

Exhibit A: Overlay slide at 100%. Can't see all of it. Can't even close it! Users are stuck if they are unaware of the zooming you can do.

Overlay at 100%

Exhibit B: Overlay slide at 150% magnification (ctrl + mouse wheel up)

This is how it used to look back in the old Flash days. Any one else suffering with this issue?

My colleague and I noticed it in all our projects that have been published with the latest Articulate Storyline 360 3.13.14869.
Made a ticket with support as well, to find out if it is a local issue or a software problem.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Soren,

Thanks for sharing here and your patience - this issue was fixed just today! The issue was how Lightbox slides covered the entire course when the player was set to fill the browser in HTML5 output.

Take a look at the release notes here, and you can install the latest update from the Articulate 360 desktop tray application by clicking Update

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