Are Unused Videos Hidden in my Storyline File?

Here's a weird thing I just noticed (one that might contribute to file size and slow publishing speed): As my Storyline file was publishing, I spotted the names of several videos that were getting "encoded" that I've used previously but that I didn't use in my Storyline project. I created this project by reusing an old Storyline file, but I cannot see where those old videos could possibly be! I would love to delete them if I could only find where they are (and they aren't in my menu of old screencasts, though). 

Anyone know where these might be hidden?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jay,

They may still be there if you deleted them, based on the ability to bring them back using the "undo" button. I'd look at importing the file into a brand new Storyline file to resolve that behavior and remove them. 

If they were conducted as screen recordings and you don't have them on any slides, they are still available in the drop down and you can remove them as detailed here.