Arial Font Rendering

Aug 08, 2013

Has anyone else had Arial Font not rendering properly in Storyline?  I have lots of rendering issues especially with the letter "o" which displays differently depending on the size, style, or specifically which letter it sits next to or between. Sometimes it looks like a Zero or an shortened letter "o."

It displays differently all over my course.  Unfortunately our style guide requires me to use Arial as our base font. 

I have had the same issue in Adobe Captivate (all versions) where Arial is the worst rendering font in our font library. 

Any suggestions? I am to far along in this large project to save everything out as an image and bring it back in as a flat object, which I have done before, but it's not a long term solution.

Thank you.

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Alex. 

The instructions here are slightly different so I would try this:

1) Go to Start > Search, and search for the following file. (In Windows 8, press Windows Key+S to search.)
2) When the Arial font window opens, click the Install button in the upper left corner.
3) When asked to replace (or reinstall) the Arial font, click Yes.
4) Reboot your computer, and test your Articulate software again.
If that doesn't work, I would suggest submitting a case and make sure to include your project that you are having an issue with. Does this happen with any file or just a specific file? 

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