Arrays / or even some XML

Hi all,

I hope all is well with everyone.

I'm new to the forums and wanted to (semi request) a feature or two which would help with dealing with creating Storyline content.

First off, a simple feature to coincide with the variables window, an array table or something. Why...


New Array Item = "Item 1", "Item 2", "Item 3"

Item[0] = "Item 1"

Item[1] = "Item 2"

Item[2] = "Item 3"


So if you had a topic title for example you could use the inbuilt function and append i.e. "SlideTitle + Item[numVar]" - when the user clicks an item, a variable counter (numVar) increments or decrements and you get the relevant update. At the moment it seems you have to mainly hard code items, which can be a pain if you have many slides. Is this feature possible without having to resort to JS, which is a might pain when you have to publish scenes which could potentially be very heavy.


Alternatively, if this isn't possible would it be possible to implement XML so the same method can be done? It would be great to have content embedded in SL itself, I hope someone on the SL team comes across this and maybe suggests a better way of doing things currently.




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Scott Martin

I am shocked to see there isn't a system in place to be honest, JS is a pain to use, especially if you create dynamic and large courseware modules.

I hope one day our prayers will be answered, it really isn't anything special but kind of a necessity if you wish to produce dynamic and hassle free content (i.e. very easy to maintain).

Even a basic system to concatenate values would be a good starting point without the need for JS.