Help: Arrow keys doesn't work properly with layer triggers.

Nov 21, 2014

Hi everyone,

I'm using Storyline 2 and making an e-learning with a "World page" that the learner will have the ability to use the arrow keys to choose the scene, like Super Mario game.

The problem is, when i use "Left" arrow key, the object doesn't go back to the previous position. Instead, it goes back to the first place it appears.


World map issue

1. The object (The pink car) firstly appears on position#1

2. I pressed "Left" arrow key to position#2, and "Up" to position#3 and "Right" to position#4 --> No problem. Now, the car is at position#4

3. However, when i pressed "Left" to go back to position#3, the object appears on position#2, which is not correct.

4. This problem is the same when the car is on position#5,6 and 7. The object appears to position#2 every time i pressed "Left".


Ps. I use the show layer trigger to show each layer once the user pressed the arrow keys.

Do i miss something?, if yes, please correct me.

You see some demo here:

You can take a look at my project file in the attachment:

Thank you for your help in advance.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Narongrit

that's quite a problem you have.  I changed the No 4 LEFT KEY to a DOWN KEY and it goes left...I'm not sure if is the angles of the object but that seemed to work.  It's not ideal and I would check with support but for a workaround you could rejig a few of the LEFT KEY triggers (even though the user still clicks the LEFT).  Issue comes on No 5 when you do want to use the down key to go down.  Sorry couldn't be more help.

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