Arrows between slides on the Story View

When I'm in the Story View on my project, I see a blue arrow coming from one slide (slide 12.4) into another (slide 12.5).  However, slide 12.4 never goes to 12.5; there are triggers on the slide that jump to various other slides within the project.  Those triggers are represented by blue arrows that allow me to hover over them to see the various triggers.  The arrow from 12.4 to 12.5 doesn't allow me to hover over to see what is telling it to go there.  There are no next buttons on the slide, so I have no idea why that arrow is there.  I thought maybe it was there to show that 12.5 is sequentially after 12.4 in terms of slide numbers, but none of the other sequential slides are showing an arrow like this.  To be clear, it's not actually jumping to the wrong slide, it's following the trigger logic I set up, but I want to understand the meaning of the arrows.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Catherine,

The arrows connecting slides in story view are there to show how slides or elements on the slide are connected to one another. You may also want to look at layers on that slide as that may be where the trigger exists. If you're still unsure why that arrow remains after finding no appropriate triggers, you'll want to confirm that you're working with local project files - as working off a network or USB drive could cause unusual behavior.  If you've been working locally and you're still seeing that arrow, I'm happy to take a look at your file and see if there is something else I can help you identify. 

Ken Seemann

Hi Ashley,

I'm having the same problem as these folks were a few months ago. I have a variety of slides that have all my custom navigation and such built in, so I was creating "master" slide formats so I wouldn't have to duplicate all the layouts, triggers, etc. Once I placed each individual slide into my "master slide" scene, I removed all the navigation/connections to other slides. However, on this one, despite my best efforts, I have one connection I cannot identify or remove. Can you identify where the connection between these two slides is coming from? I can't for the life of me figure it out.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

I don't see any connection on this two slides - and I was able to move the top slide to the right and no longer see the arrow, so it seems that they don't have an association set up, but were still listed in that order and since on a preview there wasn't anything jumping to that next slide, it seems that you're safe to continue as such. 

Ken Seemann

Hi Ashley,

That is so odd. I still can't move it without it maintaining the connection in the original file. In story view, if I move the lower blank slide, the connection is maintained no matter where I place it. If I move the top slide to a new position in story view, then the connection jumps to whatever slide follows it's position!

So strange!

Thanks for checking, in any case.


Becky Heineman

I realize this thread is old, but I'm having a similar navigation/odd issue with the arrows/navigation.

I have a main slide that branches to five other slides. There is a button on each slide to submit an interaction and return the learner to the main slide so they can choose another part of the question until all are answered, when a next question button will appear. I've removed all of the submit/next/previous buttons so they have to navigate with the on screen navigation.  When the button is clicked to save and return them to the main slide, storyline is moving them to the next branched slide. my story view looks like the screenshots, but I cannot locate where the trigger for the 'next' arrows are coming from!



Jasmine Arendse

Hi there please assist?

i cannot seem to move from slide 1.16 to 1.17 when i view my preview my story.

also i dont understand why all my slides are not underneath each other, it creates 3 different scens.

and lastly why is there ared arrow under 1.16 where all other arrows are grey? im struggling to move past this?



Walt Hamilton

On Slide 1.14, the Magic moment revealed layer has these triggers:


One Button 3 trigger should be erased, and the other should be changed to "Jump to 1.16 Transition to Club basics ..." Then delete 1.15, as it is nothing more than an incomplete duplicate of 1.14. Then on 1.16 add a "Jump to slide 1.17 when user clicks ..." Trigger.

By the way, something that will speed up your development is not putting text boxes on Buttons and making Groups. Just click on the button, and (even though the cursor doesn't change) you can type directly on the button. You can format that text any way you want.  Lots faster, and without the problems that come with groups.  You can right-click on almost any shape, and choose Edit Text to put text on it.