Arrows disappearing on mobile device

I was hoping the update would fix this, as it has other things, but I am still having trouble and couldn't find anything in the posts regarding this. According to the table outlining the comparisons, shapes are supposed to be supported with HTML5. I am not using the mobile player rather running the story directly in Chrome browser with the files on the device.

What I have found is that either an entire arrow, or just the arrow head would be missing when viewed on a tablet. I am currently using Xoom however the same issue was seen on an iPad, it works fine on my desktop. It wasn't obvious to me why some worked and some didn't so I created a test 'story' with lines (w/o arrow heads), lines with arrow heads, arrows created from shapes rather than lines. All of the lines (w/o arrow heads) appeared to work. There were problems with lines when they had the arrow head on them, two of the vertical ones lost their 'head' and one (but not all) of the ones on angles completely disappeared, no line at all. The ones created from arrow shapes all worked though I have seen problems with them as well in the past.

Any help appreciated - thanks.

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