Articualte Storyline 2 - Requesting Help with Combining Four Courses into One (with role-based branching and variables)

Apr 25, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I am troubleshooting an ask to combine four courses into one using role-based branching with:

  • Three different roles
  • Four different scenes with test-out quiz and/or end-of-course quiz for each scene

Once the learner identifies his/her role, they select the button labeled with the role title. They are then taken to a menu screen specific to that role. The menu screen identifies which of the scenes they need to take.

Only one role must complete all four scenes. The other two roles take different variations of the three scenes. Once inside the role menu, the learner can select which scene to start with. Once they select a scene, they have the option to test out. If they choose to test out, they will take the test. If they choose not to test out, they will be taken to that scene to complete.

Each scene ends with a quiz. I am looking for a variable to take the learners from each quiz back to his/her specific role and to show the scene as a visited state.

Any thoughts on this project as a whole would be extremely helpful.




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Walt Hamilton

One variable to record the role.

One variable for each scene to record whether that scene is finished, regardless of the role of the user.

At the end of each quiz, jump back to menu.

When menu timeline starts, set the states of the scenes depending on the finished variable for each scene. When the menu timeline starts, show or hide various scenes depending of the role variable.

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