Articulate 2 content not displaying correctly

Jun 30, 2015


Could someone please help me?

Articulate 2: I find that some of my screens don't render / display as it should once published. Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Some quizzes for instance, do not show the quiz items. It would shows shape items and images, but the quiz drag and drop / column A and B or Match this and that don't display...
  • Sometimes movies on a layers will show, but shapes and the text on the layer does not display...or it appears to be cut off...
  • Some screen have fill in the text box items. These screen only show some text and one box(when there are more boxes)...The answer layer will appear once the submit btn is pressed, showing the other textbox items that you couldn't see previously. It is very clear that items are missing upon entering the screen.

    I have a windows 8 laptop with IE 11.

Can someone tell me what t do to get this sorted please?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arista, 

First I'd want to confirm that you were creating and publishing your files as described here. Working off a network or shared drive is known to cause issues with Articulate files. 

Next, when testing the published output are you viewing that locally or within the intended environment as described here? 

If you're still having difficulty after checking into those two elements, we'll want to take a look at your .story file to see if we can replicate the behavior you're experiencing. You can share it here using the "add attachment" button. 

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