Articulate 36 - tracking specific values in SCORM

Sorry this is a bit techie but I would appreciate some help...
We are building a set of eLearning programmes for a client.  Each has a 5 part module structure.  The programme will be tracked using SCORM 1.2.

The client wants to see reporting that indicates which of the modules has been visited.

There is no mandatory navigation to force the learner through any of the modules - they can view as little or as much as they want.  But the client wants to know which parts they have visited.

SCORM 1.2 handles completion status in its various forms (complete/incomplete, complete/pass, complete/fail, incomplete pass/incomplete/fail) but it also handles RESUME.

Does Storyline pass an entire set of data to the SCORM API that represents the status of each slide in a programme? If so, it would be possible to interrogate those data to see which parts of the programme have been seen (wouldn't it?)

If not, does the status (of each screen, quiz etc.) remain somewhere on the user's machine and a simple yes/no flag sent to the LMS?

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Martin Dean

Hi Ashley

Do you have any idea how to check what a storyline file is actually outputting to an LMS?  Is there a way to trap the output to see if it is working correctly?

Also, if you do use a 'dummy' short answer survey to pass a variable to an LMS, what do you have to do to interpret and display that variable in the LMS?  

I have tried this in SCORM Cloud and Moodle and cannot see any option to display results of quizzes, other than PASS (%age) or PASS (score).

Martin Dean

Gerry - your pointer to that article has revealed another possible answer.

In the Configure.js file, adjacent to the Debug=false statement, is a line saying 'DO_NOT_REPORT_INTERACTIONS - false, with a note saying this is to prevent reporting of question results to the LMS (something about some AICC LMS Not being able to process them)

Since this is what I am attempting to do, I think I shall try switching that to TRUE and see what happens... It has to be worth a try!

Martin Dean

OK - here is some feedback.
Unfortunately, I could not get the debug to appear when I ran the package in the LMS.

I did, however use SCORMcloud (thanks Ashley for the tip) and then was able to send variables from Storyline to the LMS and capture them, using a short answer survey and results slide.  This was a 'spoof' referred to in this article

I am not sure I have completely understood how to integrate this back into my project.  The article tells you to 'hide' the survey slide by submitting the interaction 'when timeline starts' but this always shows a flash of the dummy survey screen as it loads and unloads.  

If anyone has tried this 'spoof' then please let me know.

Thanks to Gerry and Ashley

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Martin,

Glad that helped! If the flash of the slide is bothersome, looking at overlaying the slide with another image/shape or moving all the existing slide objects off stage and the learner won't see them when the slide flashes by. The duration that it's visible will also depend on internet speed, browser, etc. so keep that in mind during your testing. 

Martin Dean

Thanks for the heads up on using DEBUG mode.  I got it working and was able to find the data I was hoping was being passed to the API.  Success!

The delivery platform is MindTickle and I am now working with them to figure out why they are not receiving that data!

Onwards and upwards!

Martin Dean

This is proving to be quite a challenge.  For info, we are running this content in MindTickle which does support SCORM.  I have managed to create and see my outputs in SCORMcloud, so I know the SL is sending the data and a 'normal' LMS can read it.  However, MindTickle are (so far) unable to read the data in the same way.

The client simply wants to be able to report which sections of a piece of content were visited.  This should not be this difficult... should it?  Will report back

Phil Mayor

I am late to the conversation but may be able to give some help.

The resume data that is sent by Storyline to the LMS is compressed, there is no requirement in the scorm model that the data being sent to the LMS for resume/bookmarking needs to be intelligible to the LMS as all the LMS does is store it and pass it back to the course when it resumes.

The completion data however should be sent in a way that is intelligible to the LMS, you could use this to your advantage by using hidden questions (text entry)  to store the information about each section and then reporting using a results slide.

Martin Dean

Hi Phil - thanks for your response.

I am using the completion data in the form of hidden short answer survey responses that I am populating by setting the 'TextEntry' variable to that of another (SceneVisited) variable.  I can see the results as 'INTERACTIONS' in SABA and SCORMcloud but MindTickle cannot seem to see the same data.  From what you have said, it is possible they are looking at the RESUME data packet.  I will try to check.

Martin Dean

I have observed the following:

I have a results slide that is collecting data from the dummy surveys.

If I use this results slide as the tracking criteria, then I can see the values for each of the dummy surveys being displayed as 'interactions' in SCORMcloud LMS.  However, although I am visiting every slide in the programme, the LMS is not marking my course as complete.

If I set the tracking to 'number of slides' then the LMS shows completion, but does not record any 'interactions'.  So, my dummy survey values are not being passed in this instance.

Is there a way I can send my dummy survey values AND track course completion?  Or, if all the 'surveys' have been 'completed', why would the course not send that completion to the LMS?

Sorry for the confusion.  I attach my .story file (with RESULTS SLIDE as the LMS tracking setting) in case someone can help.

Thanks in advance

Martin Dean

Thanks Phil - I have now created a graded 'fill in the blank' question which is automatically populated with the right answer.  I can see that the related 'TextEntry' variable is being correctly updated as I navigate through the programme.  This dummy graded question is now included in my results slide.

When tracking is set to the Results slide, all the dummy questions are being correctly displayed as 'Interactions' in the LMS.  But no completion status is being sent.

I then created a trigger to complete the course if all the dummy variables equalled the correct value.  

When I published this version with 'Track using Trigger' - the LMS marks the course as correct, but does not see any of the question data as 'Interactions' (or see them at all).

It seems therefore that the only way to transmit the 'answer' data is to set the course to be tracked by Results Slide.  And that precludes any completion data being sent to the LMS.

Any thoughts?

Phil Mayor

You need to track by results slide to get the quiz data into the lMS.

Are you submitting the quiz question, it must be submitted to be marked correct. Also ensure that the question is assigned to the results slide and the results slide should ideally be set to 100%

This should work, I would have probably used a MCQ instead but text question should work.

Martin Dean

Phil - I really appreciate your help on this.

Yes, the text question is being automatically submitted, added to the Results slide and appears in the LMS when I set 'Tracking' to use the Results slide.   I can see this question in the LMS as 'correct'.

I was not sure how to automatically select the answer in a MCQ then submit it, so I used a trigger on the text slide to set the variable to the correct answer.

So, if I need to 'track by results to send the quiz data to the LMS, how do you tell the LMS that the course is complete?


Brian Allen

For what it's worth, I've used this method, set up the way Phil suggests, with dummy text/fill in the blank questions and am able to consistently submit interaction/variable data to the LMS, SumTotal.

The problem we have with SumTotal is getting the interaction data out into a report that's readable. SumTotal stores this data as XML, for whatever reason, and it takes a specialized skill set for us to create a report to retrieve it.

I've looked at MindTickle... I'll be interested in seeing if you're able to get this to work with them. Good luck!