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Hello Everyone,

I am just getting back to using Storyline and it looks like there is a new 360.  My supervisor has the following questions:

1.  We are rebuilding a lesson for a client who has Storyline 2, can we use 360 instead?  will it be backwards compatible?

2.  Some of the files are also Engage '09, again, can we use 360?

3.  What are the differences in Storyline 2 and 360 that can put my supervisors mind at ease that we are getting the best product, most functionality and will be backwards compatible?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ronda!  Thanks and welcome back.  :)

1.  You can upgrade your Storyline 2 courses to 360, but they are not backwards compatible.  

2.  You can import Engage '09 interactions into Storyline 360.

3.  Here's a great visual comparison of features between the different Storyline versions.  Since this is the newest version of Storyline,  it won't be backwards compatible (similar to when Storyline 2 was released).

Articulate 360 is a comprehensive suite of products and services, including every authoring tool (Studio, Storyline and some new ones too!) as well as responsive web design and a review tool.  You can find out more here!