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Nov 09, 2016


So the announcement has come out, I WAS excited, but after seeing that price...

Are you literally insane? Why would we pay $1300 PER PERSON PER YEAR to use storyline, when we can just pay a 1 off fee of basically the same price for Storyline on its own.

Yes, I know you get 'other features' in 360, but they are most certainly NOT worth paying that cost every single year.

Let's also look at the fact, that if you stopped subscribing you lose the ability to use Storyline at all, whereas we are still able to use our Storyline 2 licences, and even our Articulate 09 licences.

When I was told during the Beta "you will be pleased with the pricing", I thought that meant you were going to be reasonable. When you compare this and the price against things like the Adobe Creative Suite... how can you justify this extreme expense!?

Having used some of the other pieces of the 360 offering during the Beta, they definitely do not make it worth the price.


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Joe D

This was an unfortunate decision by Articulate.  They have now made the customer base frustrated that Storyline 3 isn't out and if we want the new features ASAP, we have to move to subscription based.  The issue that I have is that there is no timeline for any upgrades.  There are issues with Storyline 2 that have yet to be fixed, so to me, this is a clear sign that they will be spending their time updating Storyline 360 then with fixing their core products.  If they wanted to keep loyalty, they should have updated Storyline 2 (or announced Storyline 3) alongside Articulate 360.  Their Storyline product should be the exact same as their Storyline 360 product. With captivate you get the same product whether you are paying monthly, or buy a perpetual license.  To separate their own eLearning products is a poor decision to me.  They should be streamlining their products not fragmenting them.

Unfortunately, the announcement of Articulate 360 (and the subsequent high price) has me strongly considering transferring my companies training to Adobe Captivate. It's much cheaper, I can choose specific apps I want to use instead of getting them all, it's the same no matter how I pay, and has a much more regular and expected update process.

James Hinkle

One other thing to consider. Since Articulate has a long history of releasing major updates approximately 3 years apart, you will be paying $3,000 per version. I also would like to know why SL 3 has not been released if it is the same thing as the 360 version. My guess is that they want us to move to 360 but $3000 per version is too steep since Captivate is only $360/year and they add updated versions more frequently. I just downloaded Captivate to evaluate it and also downloaded 360. My 360 install is giving me errors but when I click to review the error, it takes me to a page with no information.

Right now, Captivate is winning.

Benjamin Orvold

Articulate may not be "forcing" customers into anything, but they sure are being deceitful by selling PMPs and tellilng customers they will have the latest and greatest features with future iterations of Storyline.  Then they release a new version of Storyline with updated features only available on the subscription suite.  Features that are much needed in the mobilization of e-Learning.

Chris Pim

Without being too cynical...we can see where the developer time has gone...and it's a great offer (probably) for new users. It's not good as far as I can see for existing users of Storyline. How about a Storyline 3 that addresses the hundreds of bugs and feature requests we have all made over the last 2 years.

Is the only upgrade path to version 3 through 360? I am not sure from the advertising if that is the case. BUT, if so, then I believe the company has turned its back on its core and loyal customers who don't want those features. BTW the core and loyal customers have allowed for development of the 360 product which might not suit them at all.

As an educational content provider, non-profit, those pricings are absolutely out of our price range.

I am VERY disappointed.

Joe D

One question I do have is if I create a course in Storyline 2 or 3 (whenever it releases) are they transferable to Storyline 360?  Or if I create one in Storyline 360, then decide to just buy a license, are they transferable?  Or, if I cancel my subscription altogether and move platforms, can I download the course files from Storyline 360 to keep?  Or are they gone forever?

Chris Pim
Mark Schwartz
John Pieterse

As a SL2 lover and great fan of Articulate's support it now went sour. Not even going to waste time for trial. Will stick to SL2 for the time being and start looking at other suppliers. I am so sorry that you have chosen for the money driven path. Please think it over again :-)

John, sorry Articulate 360 doesn't meet your expectations.  Where did we miss the mark for you? It sounds like you're happy with Storyline 2.  That's great.  Why not stay with that vs. looking at other suppliers?  We'll continue to support and develop new versions of Storyline.  Unlike some others in the industry, we're not forcing our customers into an all in one solution, subscription path.  You get to choose what's best for you.  


I had no expectations about the 'new' offer...but deep down I just knew that what was coming was exactly what you are offering.

But, if we are not being forced down the subscription route,  then the company needs to issue an immediate response and assure loyal SL1 and SL2 users that they can upgrade to SL3 (outside of 360) and feel that the time they spent feeding back about bugs and feature requests has been worth it. And having upgraded software that is not full of bugs. Good as it is. And that HTML5 output has been sorted out!

James Hinkle

Jake, I just did a quick run-through of the program and there doesn't seem to be a lot in the way of added functionality over SL2. Since you tested it, did you see anything that would be worth spending the money on? Most of my clients have their own templates so the template library isn't worth the money and the characters are nice but most of my clients don't want them because of the type of training used. They might like added capabilities to mobile devices but it is not a request they make. I'm not against having a license to 360 if my clients requests it but I so far nobody needs all the added programs.

Vicki Kunkel

Not worth the price to me, as so many of the "add ons" can either be easily created using other tools most IDs already have. (EG: Most items in the content library can be created using free online infographic tools.) Also, some items do not fit with research and best practices in human-computer interactions (EG: responsive design. ALL of the brain research indicates that people read, learn and interact MUCH differently with a mobile device than a laptop, which necessitates a completely different user interface design, complete different graphics and completely different interactions on a mobile device. It's not enough just to push the content around so it fits on a smaller screen.So, if you want to adhere to best practices, then the "automagic" responsive design becomes far less valuable.)

However, as long as Articulate doesn't mess with existing SL2 users, I'm happy just to stay the course and take a pass on 360.

Justin Grenier

Hey, Joe.

You can definitely upgrade a Storyline 1 or Storyline 2 course to Storyline 360.

If you build a course in Storyline 360 and later decide to move to a future, perpetual version of our software, that gets a little stickier.  We'd like to avoid breaking changes, but things could get weird if, say, we introduce a new feature in version X, since you'll need to use at least version X to edit and publish content using that feature.  So, if you're still on version W, you might see a message like, "this project includes a feature that requires version X. Please upgrade to version X."

We'll never hold your projects hostage.  Anything that you create in Storyline 360 is yours to keep.

Jared K

Agreed, just need the HTML5 output fixed in SL2. My company was willing to upgrade to a new version of SL (even though this functionality should have been added to SL2 long ago), but now we find out you're borrowing a model from the cable companies and bundling a bunch of stuff that a large portion of your users don't want or need, while ignoring problems that have been known and discussed for a long while. This is a total cash grab. I have little confidence left regarding your brand at this point.

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