Articulate 360 and Admin Rights

This is from an IT person.  Please pass this complaint to whomever has the power to cause positive change with your software.

I have an associate with an Articulate 360 subscription who has asked for assistance in getting the software installed.  We have very strict security policies in this company, so of course, our associates are not administrators on their own computers.  Install Articulate 360 and find that we cannot install Storyline 360 without making the associate an administrator and then running the program again.  I find this incredibly frustrating and unprofessional for a well-known software company to not be able to follow industry standards in making software.  I shouldn't have to spend time to work around your software just because we have basic Windows security set up on our computer.  (Our security policies are strict in that I cannot break them, but they follow industry standard)

If you insist on a software model that will allow the user to download and install themselves (and likely auto-update the software) then look into a way of performing the task without requiring administrative rights.  Adobe Creative Cloud, for example, utilizes a service that is set up when the "installer" software (like your Articulate 360) is installed.  The service can then be called to run as "SYSTEM" in Windows to perform any installs or updates, which will allow a regular Windows user to initiate an install without needing Administrative rights.

Either follow a standard model for deploying software (download individual files from the website and install) or come up with a way that does not require administrative rights on the computer.  As it stands right now you have to install Articulate 360 with administrative rights (which is fine and standard), THEN run Articulate 360 with administrative rights to install the software we actually want (which is NOT fine, nor standard).

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Tracy Buthe

Couldn't agree more. I am currently having issues related to this. I cannot get updates and I cannot download the characters and videos, which may not be related but is still very frustrating. I am able to download the icons, photos and illustrations which seems odd that I can't get the updates, characters and videos when I am able to get the rest of it. I still haven't been able to update my system with the June update. My IT department is working with you on it but nothing seems to be happening. Please fix this!! It would make such a difference.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tim,

I really appreciate you sharing here, and I can understand how this is really slowing your team down when using Articulate 360. I shared the comments and insights with my team and they thought it may help if you were able to use our MSI installation as there is a way within Windows to allow users who are not administrators to install MSI packages (more on that here). 

If you think the MSI installation would meet your needs, or you'd like to discuss other alternatives, our Support Engineers are ready to help! Reach out to them by submitting a case using this link and mention this discussion so that they have the full background of what you've gone through so far. 


You mentioned working with our Support team too, and I couldn't find a case for you or your 360 Teams admin email. Can you let me know the case number, as I'd like to follow along as you and your IT team continue working with us! 

Lisa Dobias

I run into this same issue...and it is very frustrating. I can right-click on any item in Windows Explorer to run elevated, but I don't know which files would allow me to make these updates. I opened storyline.exe elevated, but where is the option to run the updates? Is there a file that would allow me to run updates from the Program Files/Articulate/360 folder? I am in a position now where almost every one of my apps needs to be updated and it is frustrating to always have to contact IT for help with these updates. There has to be a better way to handle this!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lisa!

It sounds like you aren't able to update your Articulate 360 apps using the desktop app, is that right?

If so, our MSI installation could be a great solution for you. If you'd like to know more about that, reach out to our Support team by submitting a case using this link. Be sure to mention this discussion so that they can see what you've shared with this so far.

Ambra Scarlett

Updates via the app are completely blocked in our system (we're on managed desktops). I can't even see when there is a new update...

I believe I used to be able to download the MSI files from the website and put them on my desktop for our admins to install- is there still a place to do this without submitting a case because I have a person coming today to help with the installation.

Thank you