Articulate 360: Bring back head shots and torso versions of characters


I was having trouble finding the head shot and torso versions of the characters in SL 360 and by googling, I found that cropping is the new solution to that, and this is not working for me. 

I don't simply need just the head shot. I need the larger, higher resolution versions that were the old head shots. When I enlarge this full body character to the size I need it, the quality is severely diminished. (See attached.)

Please bring back the old options of choosing from head shot or torso!

P.S. There are some in the new templates, so why not offer them in the characters section too?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Tyler -  You are welcome to share your thoughts with our product development team here.

I am not seeing the behavior when testing cropping vs utilizing the full character as you can see in this output. The character on the left is cropped and the one on the right is simply moved off-slide to fit.

Tyler Balding

Thanks, Leslie. I have submitted my suggestion to the product development team. Since this issue seems to be exclusive to me, can you please help me troubleshoot why the quality of the characters in my modules diminishes upon enlarging?

I recently did the Storyline 360 repair, and I just applied the new update last night.