Articulate 360 Bug? user must input can be by passed by pressing enter key.


In an Articulate 360 course, if a input is set to 'user must answer' it can be by passed by simply pressing the enter key.

The user will simply go to the next slide, if they navigate back the submit button will still be present.

To recreate simply press enter on the slide before the input, this will advance you to the next side. Now on the slide with the required input press enter, this will advance you to the next slide.

Is this something I am doing wrong or a bug in the HTML5 player?  I haven't verified the behaviour in Flash. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Thomas, thanks for reaching out about this!

I created a sample file based on your description, but I'm not able to skip the Short Answer slide by pressing the Enter key.

Click here to test my sample file for yourself.

Would you mind sharing your file with me so I can see if you've got a different setup? Thanks!

Thomas Turrell-Croft


Thank you for the response and for taking the time to create a sample course.

Sorry for the long delay in replying. Interestingly the bug is present in the sample that you created. See animation below.

Storyline skip mandatory question

To recreate press the next button on the first slide (I was incorrect in my bug report), the next button is now 'selected' and you can press the enter button on the keyboard to progress beyond the input slide.

I have verified this behaviour in Safari and Chrome (latest versions at time of posting).

This is a significant issue because users are able to bypass questions that are set to must answer.

Kind regards 

Thomas Turrell-Croft

This might be a slightly clearer animation.

Storyline skip mandatory question with mouse

Steps to reproduce

1. Click next button with mouse to advance to slide 2

2. Press enter button on keyboard

Expected behaviour

User does not progress onto slide 3, a prompt appears telling the user that they must complete the question before progressing.

Actual behaviour

User progresses onto slide 3.