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Steve Bekkala

Hi Yan,

You could add a trigger to toggle on the closed captioning when someone presses the mute button -- see the "Build Your Own Custom Navigation Buttons" section at the very bottom of this article:


Anna Liu

Hi Yan,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

What Steve had mentioned is correct. You can achieve your requirement by building your own buttons and playing around with triggers. Note that the default player does not have the mute button (only volume adjustment).

Sharing with you a sample .story file that I created and tested so you can proceed with testing further.

The steps done are the following:

  1. Have adjusted the player properties to remove default controls and created a custom mute  button (You may refer to this useful video tutorial)
  2. Once the mute button has been created, proceeded to create the following triggers:
    • Execute JavaScript to enable the "mute" functionality (this was also shared here in the community - credits not mine):
      • var appState = require("helpers/appState");
    • Create the toggle trigger so variable Player.DisplayCaptions would be on and off when user clicks.


Hope this helps!