Articulate 360 - Do we have access to source files?

Dec 06, 2016

Hi there

My company is just considering upgrading to Articulate 360 from Storyline 2. We have a couple of questions regarding the storage of files:

1. As all authoring will be done on the web and saved to Articulate servers can we retrieve our source files and save them locally? I saw on another thread that we could export our published files and save them locally but wasn't sure if this included the source files?

2. What happens if Articulate servers go down? What is the disaster recovery plan? We were concerned we would not be able to work or retrieve courses.

3. We are a small team of 2 developers - can we collaborate on the same projects if we each have an individual license?

Many thanks for your help.

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KC English

@ Crystal,

thank you for the response. We had to assure one important client that we have servers in the EU before they would grant us the deal. The project was a success and they remain clients. Now there are other clients that are based in the EU and expressed their concerns with the same issue as stated previously. Their questions are legitimate, Do they (articulate) have servers in the EU? That is a simple question that needs to be answered.  Thank you again. Cheers.

Judy Nollet

I've been investigating a potential switch to Articulate 360 for use within a large corporate client. After seeing Adam's Getting Started presentation, I was very excited about Rise. Came to the forum to find out about where the source files are stored -- and the answers I'm seeing make me think the client will never go for it. (1) Confidential information is stored outside the company's firewall. That would require spending $$ for an IT review that may or may not result in them allowing the files to be stored that way. (2) The source files aren't available to others, even if they have a Rise license. As noted by others above (and in a similar thread elsewhere), that's a HUGE DRAWBACK. I understand that Rise is a web-based app. But until it can create, store, and access files on a hard-drive, I won't be able to recommend it.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Judy, 

We recently released a feature to allow you to "Send a copy" of a Rise course to another individual. That has helped a number of users who needed to transfer the course to their client after the work was completed. 

I appreciate you sharing the context for your set up, so that our Product team can continue to look at this as a feature update. 


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