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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Byron,

Articulate applications need to be installed locally with administrator privileges and then run as the end user profile on that computer, you'll find all the directions for installing Articulate 360 here.  We also don't support installing it within a server environment. 

I did pass this along to our team as something to consider for a feature request in the future. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Patrick,

 Are you unable to install to your C drive as well? Although this discussion is a tad older, we have yet to change the default location for installing Articulate software. We do have steps for enterprise/silent installation that would allow you to change the location, and if you'd like to work with our Support team then can provide you directions on that. 

Kev Harland

It's standard now to have a small Solid state C drive and and install apps on another drive. So please tell me there is a work around as currently I have to uninstall Storyline after using it and reinstall it every-time i want to use it as there is not enough space on my C drive!

David Rogers

Is there any update on this? I am also in the same situation with a small fast SSD drive as drive C: and five other HDD drives with lots of free space - and no way to specify the installation location. How do we access the Enterprise version which allows one to specify the installation location?
If there is a solution can you please post it here?