Articulate 360 Login Issue (recurring)

Dec 20, 2017

It seems like every time I launch Articulate 360, my password is not accepted. Sometimes in the middle of using Storyline, I'm booted out and prompted to log back in which also does not work. I've been able to log into 360 by changing my password many times. How often am I expected to change my password? Having to do this every day/multiple times a day is very frustrating. Please help. Thank you! 

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Diane Peters

I'm having a similar issue but am not required to reset my password. It takes me FOUR tries to open the Articulate 360 login every time. 

  1. I open a .story file and get a prompt to sign in.
  2. I click Sign In and nothing happens.
  3. I click Sign In again and get a message that it cannot load.
  4. Click Retry and the sign in screen finally loads.

In addition, I get kicked out randomly...often while I'm in the middle of working on a project.

Isn't there some way 360 can remember me and automatically log me in when I open a file...and keep me logged in?

Katie Riggio

I'm sorry you're hitting a similar snag, Erin. We're here to help!

I had a look at Diane's case, where our senior Support staff recommended opening port 443 and allowlist the domains in this article for each Articulate 360 app to work smoothly. 

That's a good place to start, and our team is standing by if you and your IT team need a hand. They'll work with you closely for a more in-depth look! 

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