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Feb 08, 2017

Hi there,

As far as I know there is no chance to change background colour in player settings for mobile device. It remains black  when opened on mobile device. Correct me if I'm wrong... Is there any solution or will there be an update that enables me to do that?



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Marcin Czyżuk

Thanks Michael and Alyssa! So I was right. Unfortunately. As far as the colour and behaviour/positition of the player is not a problem the background is. I've been recently working on a project that is designed in bright colours (mosty white) and black background on mobile device is a deasaster. It looks..... not as it should, and only because of the background, not the gray player. Looking at most websites there is little or no black bakcground. That would be much better to have it white than black.  Taking into account all possible screen sizes it is impossible to set perfect size of the project it is impossible not to have any background visible. I've started thinking that maybe there is any chance to change colour of the background digging in the code of the published files....  

If your answer to Ben Cullen is 'no immediate plans' than as fas as I'm concerned white insead of black as one and only possible background colour woulkd be much better. I'm curious what others think....

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Ben! We don't have mobile player customization on our feature roadmap at this point, but that's certainly something worth bringing to our product development team.  The beauty of Articulate 360 is that we're able to roll out updates pretty frequently, so would you be able to add in a Feature Request on the ability to customize mobile player fonts and colors?  Thanks for checking it all out!

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Marcin,

That's an excellent point. And you're right, the black background in the mobile player doesn't change even if you customize the background color in the Player Properties. You're welcome to share your thoughts with the product development team here, as they'll have a better idea of whether this is something we can change in future updates. 

Mark Wiles

Yes - just wanted to chime in here . . . the black background really impacts my design.  It would be great to have white background on the mobile player.  I have just submitted this to product dev team too (as suggested above). Also, I really wish the user did not have to press a play button . . . makes it look like it's a video.  I'd rather it just show slide 1 as on desktop.   Thanks!

Aaron Barth

We have been able to create a small version of a storyline interaction and import it into rise. It looks absolutely amazing in rise on the desktop. When I view the exact same thing on my mobile device this ugly black play box comes up.

Has there been any updates in regards to this request. I would really like to have it show up just like the desktop version, without having to hit the play button.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Aaron,

That black box with the play button is the default launch for an embedded Storyline course on mobile. Since there is not an auto play feature, it'll prompt the user to click that button to begin the course. 

Hope that helps clarify! We are working for a Storyline blocks feature to allow for an easier import to Rise - but it's a bit further down the timeline (Q3 '17). We'll keep you posted once that is ready though! 

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