Articulate 360 Not Working

Hi, there. I am not able to get anything Articulate to work. I have been working with support but it is hours before anyone gets back to me with a suggestion. I have uninstalled everything and still cannot log in to the 360 site to download the app or even Storyline back to my computer. I even uninstalled/reinstalled Google Chrome. I have a lot of deadlines and I am not able to wait until the end of the day for another suggestion that does not work. Anyone having this same issue?

I have been working for weeks on courses that I am now not able to access. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Angelia,

I looked into the current case you have going with Gren, and it looks like it may have been resolved yesterday evening? I hope that's the case, but if you still need help please let Gren or I know. 

I saw you're on a 360 Teams Account as well - when you are logged in with that Articulate ID and visit our Support page, you should also see the option for Live Chat, Monday - Friday. That's always an option for a bit faster resolution!