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Sam Hill

Hi Lawrie, for the resume function to work when published to LMS, it needs to be run on an LMS compatible with the format you are publishing (assuming SCORM 1.2). It will not resume when run locally as it will be attempting to retrieve data via the SCORM API.

You could test the published course on a free service called SCORM Cloud available here https://cloud.scorm.com. This will allow you to run and test your module provided it is under 100mb in size.

Lawrie Stephenson

Thanks Sam,

Yes I did test in Scorm Cloud and it did work. The problem was our client was not resuming in their LMS. I thought maybe a suspend data issue on their LMS. We are using the Modern Player but I find that the configuration file is not there when publishing. I changed to the Classic player and the configuration file is there. So I have republished as Classic player and turned on the debug. I have asked them to test and send us the debug log. Might be a bit clearer as to the issue. Should the Modern player also produce a configuration.js file?

Vincent Scoma

Hi Lawrie,

Happy to help here! 

When publishing a course to HTML5 only, the configuration.js file is now combined into a single scormdriver.js file. When enabling the debug mode on HTML5 only outputs, you will want to use the scormdriver.js file now for version 3.39.22088.0 or later of Storyline 360. 

For more details, we have a great resource that walks through enabling the debug mode here: 

Please keep us posted and let us know if you have any questions!