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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi David,

True/False is still an option when using Storyline 360, but within the Content Library 360 templates there is not a template for every question type. You can easily change a Multiple Choice question to a True/False question by only include True and False as your answer choices. 

Also, check out this Peek demo on applying your Content Library templates to any question type you need.  

David Smith

Hi Ashley. It has been awhile since I used Storyline, especially 360. I created a quiz demo and can’t get the results to display. I previewed, published to 360 review. 2 triggers Show layer Success/Failure when timeline starts if unassigned is less than/greater than unassigned. I tried menu and project slide reference but still no results?

Here is the review link and if you want me to share the project tell me how.


David Smith
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