Articulate 360 - Slides hanging up

May 14, 2018

I am running Articulate 360, version 3.15 and have currently been having problems with slides hanging up. When you have a branching scenario where you click a button to be taken to a certain section, the introduction slide to that section will just set there a spin. You cannot advance or go back. Is anyone else having this issue?



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Katie Riggio

Hello – and thanks for reaching out, Diana! 

I saw that you're working with my teammate, Ryan, on our Support Team to see if we can isolate the cause of the slide hanging issue – nice move! We'll be standing by for the .story file for testing. I'll also follow the case as it progresses and update this thread, as needed!

Heather Adams-Wedel

Was there a resolution to this particular situation?? We're having the same issue.... The old version of the course works just fine in our LMS for SL2. Now that we've upgraded to 360 and we're making changes to the course, we are in the same boat as Diana. It doesn't matter if I'm in Preview mode or have actually uploaded the course to test on our LMS.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Heather!

Diana's course was hanging up due to a bug we were seeing in Storyline 360. Specifically, this would happen if objects on a slide layer had one of these animations: Swivel, Spin, Spin and Grow, or Bounce.

We've since fixed that bug, so you shouldn't run into this problem anymore. If you're still getting stuck and you're on the latest update (Storyline 360 update 3.19.16600.0), share your file with us and we'll take a look!

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