Articulate 360 Storyline - Course Development Questions


If we are developing an interactive module in Storyline 360, could we use our existing company PowerPoint template? How would we import the existing slides?

In addition, since we are looking at creating a longer interactive course (which would have Module 1, 2, 3, and 4) would it be best to have all of these modules in one storyline course? Or would it make more sense to create a Module 1 storyline course, Module 2, storyline course, etc… Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Krista!

Yes you can import your existing PowerPoint templates into Articulate Storyline.

Please follow this link for instructions:


Here are also some tips in importing Microsoft Powerpoint into Articulate Storyline:


As for your question regarding modules, multiple modules can be incorporated into one course using scenes. This is seen in Story VIew. 

My personal preference is 1 module per course, most especially if your modules are lengthy.

Phil Mayor

Yes you can, should you? Probably not.

A powerpoint template has been designed for showing on a large screen as a presentation. You would produce better elearning by designing directly into storyline.

For your other question it is dependent on the content and how your LMS functions.

If the modules can stand alone I would split into separate modules.